What’s better? Moving or standing still?

Both involve risk.

  • On the one hand, when you choose to move you venture into the unknown: different people, different places, different sets of problems and challenges. You risk that the new grass is indeed NOT greener than the old. It’s hard. Some (myself currently included) would even say moving sucks!
  • Standing still is undoubtedly easier but it means you risk becoming complacent, always the same, boring. You risk missing unknown opportunities that could push you to be better than you are today. You keep the same group of people in your life that may or may not be driving you to be your best self.

I know that this life is WAY more interesting and rewarding when we move. Moving is proof we are alive! Moving is the best way to feel the hundreds of emotions we are capable of as humans. Moving lets us feel the wind on our faces.

We just left our home of the past 4.5 years to return to the city we used to call home, Park City, Utah. So, while we literally just moved we also moved metaphorically. Not just stuffing junk in boxes but taking action. Let me illustrate:

My little guy, Eli (9), who spent half his life in the old home is having a hard time adjusting to our new home. He left some close friends and a great school and this is likely the first move he will actually remember. The change is troubling him, and, therefore, troubling his mom and me.


He called me from his new bed at 0-dark something this (very early) morning. Through very groggy eyes I plodded upstairs to see what was the matter. All he said to me was: “Why did we have to move, Dad?” Despite the fog I was in I mumbled, but meant it, “Because Mom and I wanted to make our lives better.” He rolled over and went back to sleep. I rolled back down the stairs and did the same.

He stayed home from school yesterday, after a week off for Spring Break, because he just didn’t feel up to being the new kid. However, he “pinky promised” me that he would go today. Despite waking up in the middle of the night, obviously anxious, he reluctantly got himself dressed and I drove him to school today. He seemed fine but we boys knew better than to bring up feelings on this drive to school. However, he did say somewhere on the way there, “I really don’t want to go to school today.” I told him that I already knew that but that he was doing something really important, something more important than going to school. I realized that he was “moving!” He was venturing into the unknown and doing something hard. It would have been much more comfortable to stay in bed or on the couch until summer in 6 weeks but he would not be making his life better.

I dropped him off about 10 minutes before the bell was to ring and watched him head out to the playground. As I started to drive off to my office I couldn’t help myself and, instead, parked where I could see him and was pretty sure he couldn’t see me. I watched this little guy do his best among dozens of unfamiliar kids to stand confidently and blend in, or at least not stand out. He paced back and forth casually checking out the playground equipment and sizing up the boys and girls there while he tried to act like he belonged. I have rarely experienced 10 minutes that lasted as long as those seemed to. But as I watched him I thought of my own experience in unfamiliar situations: at 19 leaving for Japan on a two year mission, starting numerous new jobs, visiting Africa for the first time, getting married, the list goes on. Despite being scared, nervous, UNcomfortable, in all of those situations I have never regretted one of them.

Why? Because as Albert Einstein said: “Nothing happens until something moves” and our lives are all we have, ALL WE HAVE!, to make something happen. And TODAY is really all we have to start moving. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. As long as we move, I don’t think it matters if we move a little or a lot–some days are naturally easier than others. But today move whatever distance feels right to you, and then go a little further.

Moving may suck but we have to move if, and only if, we want to really live this life and make it better, as I told Eli in the middle of the night. Being alive, e.g. ability to fog a mirror, beating heart, etc. isn’t enough. We are here to LIVE and moving is one very important way we do that. So, I thank Eli, and many millions like him who, every day, swallow their fear just long enough to take an extra deep breath and move.

Maybe moving isn’t so bad after all!

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