Groundhog Day–Perfect time for a New Year’s Resolution Do-Over!

Happy Groundhog Day!  Or is it really February 3rd now?

Ever feel like that?

Sometimes I wish I was Bill Murray in that funnily poignant movie where he repeatedly gets stuck on Groundhog Day until he eventually gets the day, and his life, right.  His problem is comically frustrating but also teaches us that with the right mindset every day truly is an opportunity.  As I love to say around here: “Today could be your day!”  Wouldn’t you love the chance to have a “do-over” day until you got your life right?

This year’s Groundhog Day made me think of New Year’s Day and the resolutions we traditionally make.  Groundhog Day marks one full month into the New Year and it occurred to me that many of us who actually went to the trouble of making a New Year’s Resolution have, by now, either A) forgotten what we resolved to do, B) already failed and decided to push it out to 2013, or C) are actually keeping the resolution but could use a little encouragement to stick with it.

Well, rather than let another year slip by without making a greater effort at personal change I am offering a reminder and a way to avoid waking up next January 1st, or February 2nd, with the same life we have this year.

I am re-posting my thoughts on resolutions from last year here.  I am doing this because the ideas are still relevant, and probably will be as long as there are New Years to celebrate. However, this year I am sharing with you a tool to help you (and me!) not just keep this year’s resolutions for change but to help specify who exactly we want to become and blaze the path that gets us there.  View it and make it your own by clicking here.

Also, for reference and perhaps a little inspiration I am sharing my own personal goals based on the BRIDGES model.  Rather than give you some random example of some fictional character like Joe Bagofdonuts I thought a real set of goals made by me would be most helpful and/or interesting.  So, at the risk of forever being haunted by my personal goals and aspirations being accessible to the minions that control the Internet I am posting my BRIDGES plan for life.  You can view it here.

So, consider this post my call for a “do-over” for change.  And with all due respect to Punxsutawney Phil let’s not crawl back into our warm, little den and simply wait out winter, or longer.  The day awaits for us to get to the work of planning and making lasting change in our lives.

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